EME Quality

To Our Customers in Purchasing and Quality Control Departments

As you are surely aware, the aerospace industry has imposed ever tightening controls on the production and inspection of purchased hardware in order to ensure delivery of items of the highest quality. These demands are evident in every phase of manufacturing, from the raw products to final processing and have had a definite impact on the production and inspection of aircraft hardware. To meet the increased demand for quality products, EME has adopted a policy of producing the highest quality hardware available at a competitive price with reasonable processing lead-time. EME service and lead times can be improved with your assistance. Quite often information that seems apparent to you as the manufacturer is not always apparent to us as the processor. This information is often necessary to start the finishing of your job. Pertinent information such as material type, heat treat condition, detailed masking instructions, highlighted drawings and sketches, and special handling instructions are invaluable to our Planning Department. Tools such as thread gauges and Deltronic pins are also vital to both in-process and final inspection personnel. These materials, if supplied to EME at the time of delivery, greatly reduce the time spent at receiving inspection, allowing for shorter processing time. With your help and expertise, we can work to produce the highest quality hardware to meet your schedule and price. Thank you. John Lopez, Jr. Quality Assurance Manager
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