EME is one of the premier aerospace metal finishing companies in the country

We are proud to offer you a wide range of services to meet our customers needs including multi-process finishing capabilities, non-destructive testing, prime, painting and blasting.

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EME Mission

recognized leaders

We will provide unsurpassed quality in the aerospace processing business with a broad array of approvals. We will efficiently process even the most complicated aeronautical structures using our deep experience and faith-centered values.

This will be accomplished by caring deeply for our employees and their families, by fostering a first-rate customer service atmosphere, by competitive pricing, and by maintaining a superior and intelligent facility.

EME Worker at One of the Tanks
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EME Inc. is one of the recognized leaders in the Aerospace Metal Finishing Industry. With 50 years of experience in our craft, we’ve been consistently providing our high quality services to the aerospace, military and commercial industries for many years.

EME Inc. covers nearly three acres with more than 125,000 square feet under cover. Our primary services include aluminum processing such as anodizing and chemical films, as well as various coatings for titanium, steel, stainless steel, brass and magnesium. We specialize in primer and topcoat applications in our 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art paint shop. This shop is one of the three paint areas available, allowing for maximum speed and versatility.

What we do


Aluminum & Steel

Hardness, Conductivity, Magnetic Inspection, Etch, Penetrant Inspection, and More


Etch, Blast, Penetrant Inspection, Titanium Anodize, Chemical Film, Etc.

Tank Line Sizes

Hardness and Conductivity, Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Inspection, Alkaline Etch, and More