Tank Line Sizes

Processes Tank Sizes
Hardness and Conductivity Up to 24′
Penetrant Inspection Up to 24′
Magnetic Inspection Up to 6′
Alkaline Etch Up to 24′
Titanium Clean/Etch Up to 16′
Chemical Film 24′ Long by 5′ High by 2′ Wide
Sulfuric Anodize Up to 24′
Boric-Sulfuric Anodize Up to 24′
Chromic Anodize Up to 16′
Titanium Anodize Up to 8′
Tri-Acid Etch Up to 16′
Passivation Up to 16′
Electro Polish Up to 8′
Blast Aluminum-Oxide Up to 24′
Blast 20/40 Polyplus (Plastic) Up to 24′
Prime/Paint Up to 24′
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